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What Lurks in the Shadows Pt.2

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 1:18am by Leah Jamison & Lieutenant Commander Solan Jekkar

Mission: Unity Week
Location: Disney Inc. Central Office; Deck 1553

Leah's mouth was throbbing with pain from where the Orion had struck her as she sat on the edge of her desk. But her mind was too busy racing over what had just occurred and who could be behind it. Yet she knew it could be several agencies behind the attack--The Orion Syndicate, The Ferengi Commerce Union, or several independant traders though she doubted any of the traders had the financial means or motive to hire someone to threaten her. Her train of thought was broken from a knock where her door used to be before Tomar had damaged it during the attack. "The station's Chief of Security, Commander Jekkar is here, Miss Jamison," Tomar said from the doorway.

"Send him in," she replied, standing.

The Andorian proceeded inside with a PADD in hand. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Jekkar, the Chief of Security on this Station." He extended his hand to the human woman.

Leah shook it. "Would you like a seat or something to eat or drink, Commander Jekkar?"

He shook his head. "No thank you Madam I am well, I understand you have a crime to report?" The Andorian was straight to business.

"Well, as you can see from the broken window," Leah gestured to the large broken window behind her, "and the dead Orion who went through it outside on the deck below, yes, there is a crime to report. "Of course if an attack on the station's more prominent business CEOs and a death isn't a concern of station security, you are dismissed."

He nodded. The Andorian motioned to one of his Officers to proceeded towards the window. "Do you know the identity of the dead Orion or their purpose for being here?" He asked as he made notes on his PADD.

Leah shook her head. "No, I don't know his least not yet. However, their purpose was to threaten me to keep Disney Inc. business aboard the station only. So I'm thinking they were sent by a rival company doing business in this sector.

"That's a very bold statement you are making Miss." The Commander said as he raised an eyebrow in response to what she had said. "Business Politics is very cutthroat." He made initial notes on his PADD. "Though I cannot rule out the possibly of external factors."

"Then who else would want me to restrict my business? Many species and governments benefit from Disney Interstellar, not just the Federation," Leah said.

"Disgruntled employees, somebody with a grudge against you that is not related to your business." Jekkar commented. "There is also the possibility of a monetary incentive to cause harm against you Miss Jamison, you are a high value VIP."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," Leah grinned with a wink. "As for disgruntled employees...possible but what the assailant said to me likely rules that out. Monetary gain by simply threatening me doesn't make much sense unless there was a specific goal by the person who did the hiring.

"And what did he say to you?" The Andorian asked with a curious glance to the human female. His antennae twitched as they conversed, something very common in Andorians.

"To confine Disney Inc. Business to the station or else were his words to me," Leah answered. The threat still angered her and in part scared her. But it was a fear she wouldn't allow anyone to see.

"Peculiar." Jekkar commented to her, the Andorian nodded to his Officer to give them a bit of privacy and once the Ensign had left Jekkar put his PADD down. "Alright this is strictly off the record now." He was a professional yes but he knew that a motive wasn't as easy to come by.

"I want you to be honest with me, have Disney's dealings been above board? And if not do they pose a risk to this station and her inhabitants?" He asked with a very stern poker face.

"Disney Inc. always conducts fair business practices--we're not the Orion Syndicate," she scoffed with a wave of her hand. Sure, there were plenty of loop holes and blurred lines in business but she never blatantly broke the law. "The risks of such practices often outweigh the rewards...son of a bitch...." her voice dropped as her mind raced as she recalled the business with the Emorites and Caliburnites recently. Disney Inc. and Leah had won favor with both parties for supplies to their homeworlds--aiding in their joining the Federation in the process. She recalled that the Orion Syndicate had also been interested in the deal and were not happy at the results. "Know of any Orion Syndicate members visiting the station recently?"

That question changed Jekkars facial expression. "Confirmed members no but affiliates? One arrived yesterday on a Freighter." The Commander looked at her. "What are you telling me? The Orion Syndicate wants you dead."

"Well, they can't be in love with me after I negotiated a very good contract for Disney Inc. with the Emorites and the Caliburnites during the negotiations for them to join the Federation," Leah replied. "That's at least the most likely scenario that I can come up with at the moment anyhow."

The Commander nodded. "Understood, my advice would be that you employ more Security for your own protection." The Commander commented to her. "I'll conduct my investigation and keep you appraised of what I discover, if you require any help my office is ready to assist."

"I will. Thank you, Commander," she smiled. Yet behind the smile was a woman who was now on a mission.

With a final set of examinations the Commander then looked towards her. "I would also advise that you stick to travelling in a group or a pair, if you must travel alone then I suggest in the daytime and avoid quiet areas of the Sation."

Leah chuckled. "Oh, don't worry lieutenant commander. I have an assigned body guard, Mr. Tomar who is very dedicated to his job."

The Commander nodded. "Very well." He motioned to his Forensic Team to continue the examination of her Office. "We have all the information we can gather at the moment, though I'm afraid your Office is now an active Crime Scene and as such you will be required to conduct your affairs elsewhere."

"Lovely," she said in a frustrated sigh. Though she could work from home, she preferred to be close to her employees. "I'll move my office to one of the executive offices. Computer, transfer all of my company and personal files to Executive Office Four's terminal and secure my terminal. Authorization Disney Alpha-Alpha-Delta-Nine-Six."

The computer chirrped it's response. "Is there anything else you require, lieutenant commander?" Leah asked with a smile.

The Andorian man shook his head. "I don't believe so Miss, but if you feel that there is something that may be of importance to our investigation then please contact the Security Department."

"I will, thank you, Mr. Jekkar," Leah replied as walked out of the office. If it was indeed the Syndicate, then they would soon learn their mistake of threatening Leah Jaminson.


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Comments (2)

By Jade Lantz on Tue Aug 8th, 2017 @ 3:50am

A wonderful follow-up! Well played on both parts. I look forward to seeing this mystery develop.

By Colonel Horatio Drake on Fri Aug 18th, 2017 @ 8:54am

Is this the start of something bigger, perhaps?