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Something In The Air

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 8:12am by Colonel Horatio Drake

Drake left Hunt under a terminal playing with some wires and took a few steps towards the back of the section. He pressed a button to cut the open comm. channel between them.

Commanding Officer's Log - Supplemental - Stardate 47634.44

After boarding the Bretagne it wasn't long until Commander Hunt and myself started coming across bodies of the former crew. The amount we've come across so far suggests that the majority of them either holed up, en mass, somewhere or managed to abandon ship. The bodies that we have found all show evidence of being involved in firefights and are mostly preserved due to the environmental conditions on the ship itself.

We arrived in Main Engineering about twenty minutes ago and have come across a rather bizarre scene. It looks as it what was left of the Engineering staff, attempted to put up some sort of last ditch effort to defend the place. Signs indicate that the organisation of this defence was incredibly rushed and very ineffective.

He paused, hesitant on how to continue

Since boarding I've been experiencing a strange feeling, one that's growing with every passing moment. It's as if the terror and anguish that the crew must have felt, somehow still hangs in the air and is palpable. I am determined to discover what happened here, all that time ago... we owe it to the personnel that lost their lives. What's more my aim is to retrieve the ship itself, either under it's own power or by tow.

Again, he stopped. His mind started wondering.

But this feeling... it's as if we're not welcome here. As if we've disturbed a sacred tomb. What happened here...?

He shook his head

End Log.


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