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The End Of Leave

Posted on Sat Jun 3rd, 2017 @ 1:47pm by Commander Zachary Hunt

It was a fairly hectic month away from Vanguard, more of a rush than I thought it was. I was supposed to meet my brother, Eddie, aboard his ship, but he managed to waggle out some leave as well, so we returned to Earth for the month and actually met up with Dad whom we both hadn't seen for a fair few years. He was never really into our careers or cared what we did, but as long as we were happy, so was he. It was a bit of a shock to hear that in the years that we hadn't seen him, he had started his own bar and grill on Earth and had actually turned it into a chain of four so far with plans for further expansion. He loved the 'Hunt'er's Chicken dish especially...

The time was spent with family and also to ponder on the decision I had made. I know I made the right decision in telling Drake, even if he hadn't seen it straight away. I know it will take time for him to trust me again, but I'm willing to be better than I have been and earn that trust back from him. It can't be any worse than it was before anyway. I hope!

I have missed this place. I always bang on about the beauty of the base, but it really is gorgeous. I've been aboard ships and explored new planets, which is great in itself, but it doesn't have the 'buzz' a starbase has. Vanguard is a quirky place, with the uniqueness of Tivoli and the strange characters it possesses. Most of all I missed the friends I've made in this place, Paul, Patrick, Coco and a host of others. And most of all, I've missed Leah. I've never had these types of feelings before, and didn't know I could feel this way until I stepped back on Vanguard and she was waiting for me. I've missed her face and those beautiful blue eyes. God, I want to spend every day with her.

Anyway, I've heard that it's Unity Week aboard Vanguard and plenty is happening. Can't wait to hopefully get some involvement into some of the events. Although, work always comes first, I'm sure I won't get any time in for play.


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