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Status Current Mission
Description A long forgotten ship emerges on the edge of long range sensors, the USS Bretagne. Meanwhile, on Vanguard... a new casino is opening... a tetraball stadium is being built in Tivoli Gardens... and some unscrupulous Ferengi open a barge company.
Start Date Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 3:25am

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Title Timeline Location
Failure to Compute
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-01: 2100 Hours USS Bretagne: Deck 7, Main Engineering
TBC: Shakedown
by Captain Brooklyn Wellington & Lieutenant Colonel Leland Lemar
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-01: 2000 Hours USS Bretagne: Deck 7, Main Enginering
Entering the Tomb
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-01: 1800 Hours USS Bretagne: Docking Port Four
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt & Captain Brooklyn Wellington
MD-01: 1730 Hours Shuttlecraft 2
The Approach
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-02: 1700 Hours Main Bridge - USS Warspite
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-02: 0800 Hours Main Bridge - USS Warpsite
A Glance Into A Fellow Marine
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Lieutenant Colonel Leland Lemar
MD-02: 0730 Hours Main Bridge - USS Warpsite
by Captain Brooklyn Wellington & 2nd Lieutenant Rose O'Malley
Fighter Operations Office
The Streets of London
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Lieutenant Brock Johnson
MD-01: 1300 Hours Deck 12: CO's Ready Room
Miranda Class
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-01: 1400 Hours Deck 12: CO's Ready Room
The Return
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Commander Zachary Hunt
MD-01: 0700 Hours Deck 12: CO's Ready Room
Long Range Sensors
by Colonel Horatio Drake & Chief Warrant Officer Graham Winchester & Commander Zachary Hunt & Lieutenant Ricardo Shepard & Captain Brooklyn Wellington
MD-01: 0800 Hours Deck 12: Main Operations
Remembrance - Part I
by Colonel Horatio Drake
MD-01: 0225 Hours Deck 27: Drake's Quarters

Mission Summary

It has been six months since Section 49 Alpha was discovered on the station - life has returned to normal and the station has reached ¾ operational status. After a few weeks Drake realised that Hunt wasn’t to blame for acquiescing to Admiral Drake’s request. He arranged for his transfer back to Vanguard after Hunt took leave from the station as requested.

A) On the Federation/Romulan border a distress signal is picked up - it’s coming from the USS Bretagne, on old Miranda Class starship that disappeared over a hundred years ago. Drake is bent on taking the recently reconditioned Defiant Class, USS Renown, out to investigate. He decides to take Hunt along with him, he feels the two working that closely with each other would help. Drake, Hunt and crewman X take a shuttle and the Renown departs to proceed with her shakedown cruise. Drake and Hunt intend to either get the Bretagne back to Vanguard under her own power, or return on the shuttle with a report on the ship. The fighter department will be used during this mission.

B) Back on Vanguard, a tetraball stadium is being constructed in Tivoli Gardens.

Roadblock 1
A) Upon arriving at the Bretagne the ship is adrift, with a strange molecular energy resonating but dispersing rapidly on the outer hull. Excitedly Drake wants to explore so he takes a shuttle with Hunt and (crewman x) to explore. The Renown goes off for a shakedown cruise around the system.

Roadblock 2
A) The two discover the bodies of the crew - almost mummified from the void they’ve been in. The two manage to get partial secondary power back on and discover that the ship was in a battle situation.. Drake starts going through the Captain’s logs.

Roadblock 3
A) An accident at the docking port means the shuttle is partially destroyed, meaning Hunt & Drake are now stranded on the Bretagne with oxygen quickly running out and no means to contact Vanguard. They hope that someone on the station realises they are overdue.

A) Lt. Cmdr. Graves, left in charge of the station under the supervision of Winchester, realises that Hunt & Drake should have returned to the station. The Renown is back after completing her shakedown cruise… he ørders it back out to the last known location of the Bretagne. The ship arrives just in time to rescue Hunt & Drake.


- Hunt returns to Vanguard, Drake has a heart-to-heart with him but is still reserved. He logically understands why he did what he did, but hasn’t forgiven him.
-The Bretagne is picked up on long range sensors late on MD-01. Drake researches the ship and decides to take the Renown out to investigate.

- The Renown disembarks from the station in the evening of MD-02 - since the ship has been missing for so long, it’s treated as a salvage operation rather than a rescue mission, hence the delay in departure.
- The shuttle accident takes place
- The two are running out of air on the Bridge

- Graves swings into action and saves the pair of them


Day 1:
Parade and Opening Ceremonies
Opening of Cultural Exhibits

Day 2:
Continuing Cultural Exhibits
Opening of Art Exhibits
Ingress Event*

Day 3:
Dance Exhibition
Final Day of Cultural Exhibits
Continuing Art Exhibits
Ongoing Ingress Event
Opening Film Exhibition
First Day of Tetraball Playoffs

Day 4:
Final Day of Art Exhibits
Food Sampling in Promenade
Concluding Ingress Event
Second Day of Tetraball Playoffs
Continuing Film Exhibition with Holographic works
Religious Exhibits

Day 5
Career Day Exhibits and Job Fair
Final Playoff Round for Tetraball
pick-up Rugby Game
Closing Ceremonies