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Jade Lantz

Name Jade Lantz

Position Orchids & Jazz Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 160

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6" (1.6 m)
Weight 130 (159 kg)
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color gray to green
Physical Description Medium build, well muscled due to consistent exercise and good genes. Long hair, sometimes up in woven braids, sometimes left down.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Sulen Lantz (dec.)
Mother Teesha Mazon (dec.)
Brother(s) Tolon Lantz (older - dec.)
Martus Lantz (younger - dec.)
Sister(s) Cara Lantz (younger - dec.)
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jade is secretive, believing that to be the best policy, and that increases her allure, which is good for business. Many still think of her as stand-offish, though her years working on Starfleet bases and ships as a jazz club owner have mellowed her outward aloofness.

She has a positive approach to life, but most people aren't aware of anything except the external sensual persona she shows. She has few friends, but those are very good ones. Although she is a listener, and does collect stories, she doesn't share her own. She prefers to keep any good that she does completely hidden, often doing it through others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Jade insists on keeping her body in perfect shape. It makes good business sense. Empathic, good listener; persistent; she also is an observer and collector of information, most of which she keeps to herself. She rarely offers advice to anyone, even if asked. Jade has excellent business instincts.

Weaknesses: Not trusting; because of the short lifespan of humans, she forms few bonds of friendship and none of love, and because of massive losses in her life, Jade is slow to make friends, and this sometimes makes her appear to be uncaring, though she is not. She keeps her life on a very strict schedule in order to feel in control. Sometimes, she adheres to the schedule too closely and misses something - or someone - which would have been of benefit to her.
Ambitions To maintain ownership of Orchids and Jazz in a way that enhances its reputation throughout the quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Jade grows orchids in her quarters and in a small corner of the starbase gardens, usually tending them at times when there is no one else around. Very few people are even aware that she does so. She also has a vast knowledge of 20th century American jazz, and plays the alto saxophone.

Personal History Jade is secretive about her background and family details. Part of her family survived the Borg assimilation, when she was a teen, but the subsequent hardships of her life and the loss of the rest of her family in 2293 on the SS Robert Fox, have left her with survivor's guilt, which she tries hard to ignore. Mostly she is successful.

Jazz and orchids are her main interests. Both are things that allow her solitude, and don't require interaction with others. Because of the trauma of losing 2 siblings and her father in her teen years, and later losing her mother, aunt and last sibling, she listens, but does not advise others. She has been known to encourage them to find solutions on their own, however.

Jade plays a mean saxophone, so at some point in time, she's had excellent musical education. There's no documentation of actual schooling, degrees, or other foundation for this belief, other than her playing. She may have learned from front porch jam sessions while staying in an artists and entertainers colony in Old New Orleans, Earth, after her rescue from Fox.
Service Record History of Orchids and Jazz:

Kepler Station: 2384, First Orchids & Jazz
Protector, Obsidian Fleet: 2386, Second Orchids & Jazz
Regent: 2387, Third Orchids & Jazz
Protector, Theta Fleet: 2389, Fourth Orchids & Jazz
Vanguard, Theta Fleet: ? Fifth Orchids & Jazz