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Commander Zachary Hunt

Name Zachary Hunt

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color The right eye is a very dark green almost Hazel, whereas the left eye is a slightly lighter shade of green. The colour difference is rarely noticeable but on occasions people do notice
Physical Description Zachary is a fairly average sized human whom has dark brown mop of hair. Occasionally he will have it short but will let it grow past his eyes before it will get short again. He has interesting eyes that only few people notice. He has a very pale skin tone and it is often commented on how pale he actually looks. He is clean shaven and ensures this is the case every day. Zachary ensures he keeps in shape and ensures his physique is kept in check. Down the right side of his back he has a four inch scar going diagonally across his back from one of his earlier battles, although he rarely ever shows or talks about this. He has no other battle wounds.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Martin Hunt (65)
Mother Zoey Hunt (Previously Zoey Oestringer, now deceased)
Brother(s) Eddie Hunt (37)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Zachary has no other family that he keeps in contact, especially since most of his extended family are on his mother’s side and do not keep in contact since her death.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zachary (or Zach, as he prefers to be called), is known by most of his friends and colleagues as having to always be the ‘joker’ of the group. He is described as being ‘outgoing’, ’cheerful ‘& ‘funny’ as the positive attributes however the negative attributes would be ‘big headed’, ‘flirtatious’& ‘Machiavellian’. After his sense of humour, Zachary enjoys keeping himself in good shape for both work and social reasons. He is also a very intelligent person, more intelligent then he tries to let on, even with his love of Science. Zach is a very outgoing person and strives to make everybody laugh and be happy when he is around; he is patient and is a very good listener when people need to talk. He is described as being flirtatious. He uses his natural charm when he is being flirtatious. He is described as Machiavellian because he is sly, devious and cunning when needs to be, so although he appears to be charming and happy, that front can change when he wants something for his own good. He first wanted to get into Starfleet due to his Mother always saying that he would never be good enough to get in. As he got older he realised his IQ was one of the best in the academy and he has a love for Science and the unknown.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Zach’s main strength is his natural charm; with this it means that he has the ability to dispel the discomfort of awkward situations if he has the need to. If there is no need for this, he would rather sit back and stay out of it until after the situation has been resolved in either calming ways or violence. He is very intelligent and specialises in three Biology areas; however has a basic understanding of all of the sciences surrounding Biology. He is very hard working and committed when it comes to Starfleet. Zach keeps his physical strength at its peak and can be found working out when he isn’t socialising. He is proficient in hand to hand combat, but never really got to grips with weaponry. Zach is easily approachable to people and has a natural warmth which allows him to draw people in effortlessly.

Zach’s main weakness is that he is cunning and devious when it suits him. If Zach will gain something out of a situation for his own good, he will likely go for that option whether that is the best option at that point in time. This also means that he is a very stubborn person, when he has his mind set on a notion it will be very hard to dissuade him otherwise.
Ambitions Zach’s main ambitions are very simply put, to be the best he can be. During his childhood his Mother never saw anything good at him and said he would never be able to do anything with his life. From that moment he wanted to prove to his Mother and to himself that he could join Starfleet. He applied to Starfleet Academy for Science due to have a love for it and soon showed he was more intelligent than his family ever thought. Since then he just wanted to work up the ranks until he proved to himself he could be the finest. He has always wanted to work with people who have the same ambitions as himself so he can try and be better than them (even if it is slightly selfish).
Hobbies & Interests Zach enjoys socialising in his spare time due to his outgoing nature. He can generally be found with a crowd of people making them laugh or mingling. Although he enjoys flirting he has no desire into ever taking anything further. When he is not socialising he has an interest in keeping up appearances and can generally be found in a gym, this has a range of different exercise and particularly enjoying Racquetball. Amongst this he enjoys reading and has a wide range of books including Philosophical works to Classic books. He also enjoys all types of Poker.

Personal History Zach was the younger brother in the family, however his Mother always focused on his brother Eddie more than she ever did him. Eddie was the stars in her eyes, whereas Zach was always looked down upon and could never do anything right. She had this view that he was worthless all through his childhood for no apparent reason. Although she favoured Eddie, Zach had a good relationship with his brother and still does. His brother also joined Starfleet and still works with them. When Zach was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) on the USS Johnson, Oberth Class he actually worked with his brother for those two years until he moved ships. He still keeps in contact with Eddie. Zach has a good relationship with his Father. His Father was never really interested in what his sons done in their lives as long as they were happy. He keeps in contact with his Father when he can and much of him can be seen when you look at his Father. His Father and Mother were part of a loveless marriage that never really worked but they stayed together. His Mother died when he graduated from the Starfleet Academy but no tears were shed from Zach or his Father.

When Zach was younger he was a charming boy who was always more smart for his age. The older he got the more he tried to hide this intelligence rather than stand out for it. He would rather stand out for being funny. He has always kept in shape ever since he was young so he could always stand up for himself if needed be. Zach had a very competitive nature and still has that to this day, hence why he strives to be the best. He had always loved reading, but if anyone ever looked at him they would never tell. Through reading his books he learnt that he had a love for Science – all Sciences. When he applied to the Academy for Science he was still unsure what areas he wanted to go down before realising he had a love for the unknown, such as new species and new organisms. He didn’t struggle at the Academy due to his high intelligence and love for Science. Even without Science he knew he loved all areas surround Starfleet, whether this was engineering or even medical, he just loved Science more.

His first ship he was assigned to was the USS Adams as a Xenologist, which he loved. He enjoyed it so much as this was what he always wanted. He could have happily done that forever. However he wanted to be the very best so he started moving through the ranks. Eventually he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) – Xenologist on the USS Johnson, working alongside his brother on the ship. Since then most of the work had been fairly simple for him and he never had any problems with the crew he worked with on any of the ships. The most testing time for him was when he was working on the USS Calypso, as this ship always found it in the most precarious situations. Zach always showed that he could solve problems quickly and impressed during these situations, hence his eventual promotion to Lieutenant Commander – Executive Officer on Starbase Vanguard.
Service Record 2376 - Applied to Starfleet Academy for Science

2381 (Early) - Graduated from Starfleet Academy specialising in; xenology, microbiology, entomology. Assigned USS Adams – Xenologist - Ensign

2382 (Late) - Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) - Xenologist - USS Johnson, Oberth Class

2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant – Xenologist – USS Johnson, Oberth Class

2384 (Late) – Assistant Chief Science Officer - USS Calypso, Galaxy Class

2387 – Chief Science Officer – USS Calypso, Galaxy Class

2387 (late) – Chief Science Officer/Second Officer – USS Einstein, Nova Class

2389 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander – Executive Officer – Starbase Vanguard