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Lieutenant Commander Paul Graves

Name Paul Edward Graves PsyD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Betazoid
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Paul is a tallish, lean man with a runner's build. He has smooth, dark hair cut to regulation length and the black eyes typical of a Betazoid. His complexion is fair, and he is clean-shaven. Out of uniform, he tends to prefer comfortable clothing in darker colors; he is fond of deep blue. Except under very stressful conditions, he projects an air of calm and emotional warmth, though he can sometimes be brisk. His gait is swift, his movements economical. He always walks as if he has a goal in mind; he rarely just strolls.


Spouse None yet.
Children None.
Father Alistair Graves of Mickleton Manor, Gloucestershire, Earth - a businessman
Mother Damaris Varoc of Askellon, Betazed
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Amadrial Graves, a forensic anthropologist living on Earth.
Other Family TBD

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul is a highly observant man with a keen intelligence that he makes no great effort to conceal. He isn't obnoxious about it; it's simply evident from his natural diction and word choice. Personal honor and integrity are important to him, a blending of ethics he learned from both of his parents' cultures. His father taught him the moral code of a British gentleman; his mother taught him the moral code of a Betazoid empath--which equate to the same thing in Paul's mind.

His personality appears warm and friendly most of the time yet can become distant and reserved, even brusque, with little warning. He dislikes being in crowds--especially emotional crowds--and will avoid them as much as possible. He never attends live sporting events and has to be dragged into watching them with small groups of friends, even though he enjoys watching sports. Personality withdrawal is usually soon followed by physical withdrawal to a place where he can be alone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Keenly observant and intelligent. Has inherited the Betazoid ability of empathy, receptive and projective, and is able to preform telepathy if in close proximity to another telepath. He's a good listener and is unshakably calm in an emergency--if no more than a couple of people are in the room with him. Among more people than that, he must struggle to maintain his composure. In a very large-scale disaster, he might well shut down. He cannot handle being in Sickbay for long except in a secluded place with minimal outside personal contact. If early for an appointment he waits out in the hall, not in the lobby.

Weaknesses: Paul has only barely-adequate control over his receptive empathy. He is much better at controlling his own feelings than he is at shutting out the emotions of others. He becomes irritable when this happens.
Ambitions Paul would like to marry and start a family eventually. Professionally, he is working toward becoming a First Contact specialist. He would like to write a book or two about gestalt psychology and gestalt xenopsychology.
Hobbies & Interests Paul likes to play tennis and golf and takes karate lessons. He also runs a couple of miles a day. He likes to sketch, and his reading tastes are wide-ranging, from mystery novels, to science-fiction, to religion, to history. He also likes to go horseback riding--as long as the horse is not in heat.

Personal History Paul was born in 2354 in the town of Askellon on Betazed. His father, Alistair Graves, was an executive in a pharmaceuticals company based in Britain. He had married Damaris Rokshan of Betazed after settling on her homeworld when his employer transferred him there to run the Betazed branch office. Damaris was a physician who Alisiair met during a pharmaceuticals corporate convention.

Paul had a mostly normal childhood, complicated only by the fact that, though he had inherited his mother's sense of empathy, controlling the receptive part of it was a challenge for him. It caused him to avoid a lot of group activities that he would otherwise have joined in, such as sporting events and concerts.

Despite his aversion to them, Paul became interested in studying crowds and mass psychology. By the time he was old enough to apply to and then enter Starfleet Academy, he had decided to major in Counseling with a minor in First Contact. He entered Starfleet Academy in 2368, graduating with an ensign's commission and a BA in Psychology in 2372. His marks were high enough for him to be granted a further year of study to complete a master's degree, which Paul opted to do. He received his MS in Gestalt Psychology in 2374, writing a master's thesis about the Cardassian occupation of Bajor and its effects on the survivors after the Cardassians departed. He earned his doctorate 8n 2378.

Paul has participated in one first contact, with a race called the Dreel, while serving onboard the Ken. He and the ship's chief language specialist helped avert a war by figuring out how to communicate and interact with the Dreel, whose primary mode of nonverbal communication was through pheromones--which meant far more to the Dreel than verbal communication did.
Service Record 2372: Graduates from Starfleet Academy as an Ensign with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Receives grant to stay on at the Academy and pursue a Master's degree, which he accepts.
2374: Completes Master of Science degree in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. Promoted to LT(jg). Assigned to the Nebula-class ship Nightraven as a Master's-level Counselor. Works with a lot of PTSD patients as part of the Dominion War.
2378: Earns Doctor of Psychology degree. Promoted to full Counselor. Asked to stay on for a psych fellowship, as his ship specializes in refugee evacuations. Graves does.
2381: Promoted to LT. Assigned to the Nebula-class ship Vigilance as a Counselor.
2384: Assigned to the Sovereign-class ship Victoria as Asst. Ship's Counselor.
2386: Assigned to the Defiant-class ship Audacious as Ship's Counselor.
2390: Assigned to the Akira-class ship Ken as Ship's Counselor.
2392: Assigned to SB Vanguard as Chief Counselor.
2393: Promoted to Lt. Commander.