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Captain Gunnar

Name Gunnar

Position Brigade Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kerrian Magi
Age Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 8ft
Weight 250lb+
Hair Color Dark with grey hair
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Gunnar has a athletic yet muscular build due to his days running on the plains and working out on an almost constant basis. His body is full of scars which has been covered with fur, he stands 8 feet tall towering over most humanoids. He's very strong, and despite his bulk he still possesses the agility of his species as well as the graceful short burst speed of a cheetah but not to that extent. He can see in the dark, has retractable claws which serve as weapons if needed.

When he's on duty which is usually all the time even when he's off duty, he's wearing some form of covering, but when he needs to go Zero gravity he will wear whatever he needs too but usually sticks with his species lightweight EVA suit which allows for greater movement to allow him to react to dangers far quicker. He possesses heightened sense of smell and hearing and also can see twice as far as human in low light.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father NA
Mother NA
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Due to the nomadic nature of his tribe, he comes from an extended family of nearly 2,000 others which he calls each of the adult leaders, mother or father based off there sex.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gunnar is a natural athlete rarely using his shifting capabilities when other means can be used to obtain the same objective. Gunnar considers himself an honorable cat, rarely using technology to solve problems. He also relies on his natural ability to be stealthy, to overcome obstacles rather than his inherent natural strength and agility but when combat is imminent he won't back down from a fight and he never easily surrenders, usually will fight to the death if he has too. But despite his size and fierceness he is compassionate and caring in his own way. He will put down his life for stranger but will sacrifice everything for his friends. This balance in his life makes him quite a dangerous Kerrian.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Natural Ability to Teleport (Also known as Shifting, Translocation, Vortex Teleportation)
+Great eye sight in darkness and low light conditions
+Quiet most of the time
+Impressive strength and agility,
+Impressive combat capabilities,
+High immune system.
+Limited accelerated healing
+Considers himself a Samurai in many but not all ways.
+Fearless to a fault

-Fearless to a fault (Tends to get himself into trouble with this one which is why it's a double edged sword)
-Loyal to a Fault
-Compassionate about the weak and helpless
-Strict code of honor.
-Scared of any sort of water source except a shower

-Teleportation (The limits of this form of teleportation is that he can’t take unwilling people into this dark chaotic vortex, and those who resist will strain Gunnar both mentally and physically as he is trying to hold onto them so they aren’t trapped in the Vortex, lost forever. When Gunnar uses this form of travel, he has to know the destination he is going too, if he doesn’t then traveling in this way may be more dangerous to all those who Gunnar takes or himself alone, as he has to know where he’s going and block out the shared memories of those he takes. As he is joining with the others in both mind, body and soul for this form of travel and he takes on parts of each person’s memories, and he has to keep focused on his destination regardless of the emotions that his party is feeling. If he for some reason loses track of his destination, they could all be lost in the void between voids or rarely be thrown from this form of travel trapped on a ship or planet somewhere else, until Gunnar can find his way again. Though he doesn’t take on all of the memories of his party, he is however, essentially taking them on a trip through the chaotic nature of the void, and as each person intermingles he is the one who is responsible for their safe arrival which may be more dangerous than having the ability itself. Other downside is that if he takes too much into the vortex, he could potentially kill himself and cause major bone breakage or hemorrhaging.

Along with the mental and physical dangers of this intermingling of body and thought, is that whatever can block a transporter beam can block this form of travel, too thick of walls or transporter inhibitors or even scattering fields will disrupt this form of travel, however, this form of travel can’t be interdimensional, interplanetary and can not be intercepted by any means as it is an unknown method of travel known by the Magi alone. Like most muscles to gain stronger a Magi needs to shift himself and others to keep this ability in tiptop shape continuously push himself to the limits to become better and always train harder.)

Note::: Even though this ability may seem powerful, it’s far from it due to the chaotic nature of it and the only way to make it through without incident is to have a clear mind or be knocked unconscious so the mingling doesn’t distract the navigator/Driver.
Ambitions To find a Pride of his own and a place to belong
Hobbies & Interests Gunnar tends to sun himself when the time comes around, this is his form of relaxation, when not doing this, he typically is studying up on how best to either help humanoids or to kill them the most effective, quick, and quiet manner possible. Studies to know his enemy and friends, inside and out.

Personal History To understand Gunnar, we must go back, 400,000 years. At this time, Gunnar was a young Cat born into slavery to serve a single master. For hundreds of years, a man known as Adrian saved Gunnars pride hundreds of years prior, and due to this, Gunnars ancestors vowed for all time that their pride would serve house Adrian for all time or until the pride became extinct but this was not to be, under the protection of Adrian, The pride was able to thrive, however, over the years evolution took hold and granted a very few special members of the Pride a gift of teleportation. Adrian knew of this before the pride was ever saved and dubbed these special individuals ‘Kerrian Magi’. The word Kerrian was adopted by the pride and now all members of this species became known as Kerrians. However the name ‘Magi’ was adopted only by those who were born with this gift to teleport themselves. Over time the Magi learned that their ability to transport and use this ability in combat was only limited by the physical and mental strength of the Kerrian doing it. With time and training from Adrian as the Kerrians came to know and love him by, the Magi grew strong but they found that when teleporting they can't take more than what they can carry into what they call ‘The Void’ or as some call it ‘The shifting nether’.

They call it this because when shifting they have to keep their destination clear in their minds and the chaos around them can easily send people astray, and cause more problems than it solves and like lifting weights or conditioning yourself to carry tremendous amount of weight over long distances without fatigue, so does the Magi have to condition their minds and bodies to deal with the rigors of this chaotic method of travel. Their training emphasized lightweight and so they developed specialized weaponry usually weapons that soon became their ritual weapon upon completion of this training which took years to complete. It is hard to do and harder to finish and Gunnar was the first to finish and thus became the leader of the Kerrian Magi. This was an honored position but Gunnars honor to his master would pave the way to bring the Kerrians out of the darkness into the light, and so the Magi served as a corps of elite bodyguards for years to come.

However, the years since the forming of the Kerrian Magi were peaceful under their protection, enforcing the laws of there people under the protection of house Adrian and carrying out Adrian's will with compassion and fairness, dark days came to the people Gunnar only knew as ‘Chronasians’. These people were soon at war with themselves, and a massive civil war occurred ripping apart a once peaceful civilization of dozens of planets and within the next twenty years, the war destroyed them and now while they tried to rebuild, old wounds festered, those who wish to rebuild and those who wish to go to war to gain back what was taken during the war, but the minority lead by Adrian himself who also served on the council and was at odds with his peers, Adrian foresaw a hidden danger but his peers wanted nothing to do with his temporal predictions and so Adrian took his entire house and the Kerrians into hiding, heading to the planet that would later become Dran’Thul, named after a alien who risked his ship and crew to save the Kerrians in the last war. While on the Colony of Dran’thul, Adrian hid here with his people, as strong as 5,000 people. But the war along with the prediction of the ‘End time’ came to pass as a massive alien force descended upon the severely weakened Chronasians, and within hours destroyed them, but the war then came to the colony of Dran’thul where Adrian and his people fought hard but ultimately paying the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, they died, but a few made it to Adrians ship and escape the carnage, but Adrian's predictions had another course for his Magi, and so his Magi went into the dark slumber of cryostasis, and over the years of destruction, one by one the stasis pods were shut down due to time taking its toll and the last of the AIs, tried to conserve power to save as many people as they could but over the years, the war for all life still raged on.

Until one day centuries later, marines found the cavern where the last of a great species slept, and they were awakened, however, only half of the magi managed to survive intact and the marines took them in, making sure they were fixed, questioned, among other things medical tests. Gunnar now the leader of his people, decided that the only way for his people to survive was to find a home they could live on. So they returned with the marines to earth where they set up a colony on the High Plains, to live free. Gunnar however, couldn't stay sitting and despite his hatred of technology which destroyed his life from before, he learned of a training facility and so he figured he would join this Boot Camp his saviors mentioned. To learn the ways of this era, as he was still foreign to them and them to him, but he would take the rite of travel and learn the ways of the present and forgive the ways of the past as his people were no longer slaves as they saw themselves but seen as equals in the eyes of these strangers. He now has to relearn everything that he thought he once knew but he will never forget his Magi training.
Service Record 20 yrs in the Creators defense forces as a Slave.
10 yrs served with GDI (Guardians Defense Initiative)
4 yrs with Starfleet Academy
10 yrs service with the Marine Corps
SB Vanguard