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Carlo Rienzi

Name Carlo Rienzi

Position Bartender, 10-42

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color Black or dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Carlo is a tall, leanly-muscled Human who has curly, black hair and brown eyes. He has a moustache but no beard. He sometimes wears an earring in his left ear but hastens to assure Bajorans that he does not worship the pah-wraiths, whoever they are. He's basically long and lanky and doesn't mind showing some skin. His voice is bass with a pleasant Manhattan accent. The nuns told him that he could afford his r's.


Spouse None. Lots of serial monogamous lovers
Children None.
Father Torino Rienzi
Mother Gabriella Lucretzia Rienzi
Brother(s) Gino Rienzi
Aldo Rienzi
Sister(s) Maria Rienzi
Elena Rienzi
Domitillia Rienzi
Other Family Grandma Josie (Josephine Pelatori)
Numerous others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carlo has an open, warm personality. He is sociable and genuinely likes being around people. Though he is not shy about talking, he is able to listen, too. He takes his job very seriously. Carlo believes that the purpose of coming to a bar should be to have a good time--and if you aren't there to have a good time, then it's up to him to coax out of you what the problem is and to at least lend an ear and maybe some help, if he can. He has spoken to a lot of people in this vein.

Carlo is bisexual and loves every minute of it. However, he very much dislikes the term 'pansexual' and will retort to anyone using the term to describe him that he has standards and limits.

Honest and wants to help people. A bit flighty, sometimes
Strengths & Weaknesses * Not formally educated beyond high school and bartending school.
* Can be unintentionally thoughtless about the effects of his promiscuity.
* Can be generous and loyal to a fault. Sometimes, he learns from this, sometimes not.
* Is an experienced mixologist and likes to experiment.
* Has a sense of responsibility for the people he serves. He considers them to be under his care while drinking.
* Does not fear commitment; just doesn't see why he should limit himself.
* Is a bit insecure about his lack of an undergraduate degree.
* Is able to find something to love or at least to like about everyone he meets.
* Mild ADD, undiagnosed.
Ambitions Carlo wants to make 10-42 into the success of his dreams and might change its name to something more meaningful to him. He always wanted to own a bar and now wants to make his dream become reality. He would also like to find a person for whom he is willing to forsake all others. He happily (and enthusiastically) played the field in his teens and twenties, but now that he is thirty, he'd like to settle down.
Hobbies & Interests Chess, even though he is too easily distracted to be good at it. Pizza tossing--just the tossing, not making actual pizza. Making sweet love. Reading books written in Italian, which he also speaks fluently. Inventing new drinks at parties he gives and inviting his friends to try them out. However, he will not mix drinks at friends' parties unless it is to be a paid gig. At friends' parties, he prefers to be off the clock so he can relax with them.

Personal History Born in Manhattan, New York, Earth, in the Little Italy neighborhood. At age 18 Carlo went to work in a gay bar called Mojo's as a barback. He did that for a year to learn the ropes and then attended a 40-hour course in bartending so that he could work as an assistant bartender. He was promoted full bartender within a year and worked at Mojo's for 10 years after that, saving as much as he could through careful stock market investing in hopes of eventually buying Mojo's from his boss someday. The owner, however, left Mojo's to his son when he retired, and Carlo worked willingly for the son, but he was by now looking for a place to make his own.

Then a friend of his who had gone into Starfleet happened into Mojo's. The two went out to dinner that night, and the friend suggested to Carlo that he should buy out a bar called 10-42 that was for sale on Starbase Vanguard. He explained that Carlo could get the bar for cheap because the starbase was run-down. When Carlo asked why he would want to buy such a place the friend explained, just between the two of them, that Starfleet was in initial negotiations to take the base back from the Federation Civilian Defense Authority. Once this became publicly known, the price would increase because, under Starfleet management, the starbase would then be refitted and repaired, and substantial business would come to it. But Carlo would have to act within two weeks.

Carlo thought about it and then did act. Sight unseen, he put in a bid for 10-42 that was accepted, and he bought it. Carlo needed every credit he had saved, however, for 10-42 looked seedy and dingy when he first arrived. Over the past year he has cleaned it up and redecorated, using interior decoration tricks to make it feel airy and spacious. The floors are bare tile, and the walls are covered in acoustic paneling, which make the place easy to clean and free of excessive echo. Guests can converse without having to shout.
Service Record 2356: Born on Manhattan Island, New York City, Earth.
2374: Graduates from high school and goes to work at Mojo's Bar as a barback.
2375: Attends a 40-hour bartending course to attain certification as a professional mixologist and licensure as a bartender in the state of New York.
2376: Is promoted to full bartender from assistant bartender at Mojo's.
2381: Mojo's owner retires and leaves his bar to his son.
2385: Purchases 10-42 on Starbase Vanguard. Spends the next year cleaning, making repairs, and redecorating. Obtains licensure to run an alcoholic beverage establishment at a Starfleet facility.
2386: Begins studying for an undergraduate business degree at a community college or university located on Vanguard.